Modular Dungeon Set | All-in-One Package

Author: jeremiah_bigleyPrice: $150

This “All-in-One” Pack comes with all 20 of the high quality model packs in the Modular Dungeon Set. With everything you have a great jump off point to build a creepy, dark, damp, lowpoly, dungeon level like in Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo series. You have enough to enough to make a really solid level for an RPG or MMO game.

Snap these modular pieces together easily and seamlessly as they were built on a grid system with tiling in mind. Use skeletons, chains, rubble and torches to build variation and interest.

Normal maps were cast from highpoly models and the textures were hand painted to get a nice blend between games like World of Warcraft and realistic pc and console games. Textures were painted at a higher resolution than most games to give you the ability to choose how close to the 3d assets you will get in game. You can down res them as necessary.

Have fun! Go crazy! Learn something new!

What’s Included:

Archway: 1,750 Tris|1024×2048 Map
Pillar: 801 Tris|2048×1024 Map
Concave Corner: 262 Tris|2048×1024 Map Shared with Convex
Convex Corner: 634 Tris|2048×1024 Map Shared with Concave
Large Wall 01: 318 Tris|1024×1024 Map
Large Wall 02: 721 Tris|1024×1024 Map
Small Wall 01: 211 Tris|512×512 Map
Small Wall 02:
Tiny Wall: 125 Tris|1024×1024 Map
Small Wall Dual Teeth: 211 Tris|1024×1024 Map
Large Floor 01: 2 Tris|1024×1024 Map
Large Floor 02: 2 Tris|1024×1024 Map
Small Floor 01: 2 Tris|512×512 Map
Small Floor 02: 2 Tris|512×512 Map
Tiny Floor 01: 2 Tris|512×512 Map
Tiny Floor 02: 2 Tris|512×512 Map
Horizontal Floor: 54 Tris|512×1024 Map
Deadend: 1,216 Tris|2048×2048 and a 1024×1024 Map
Unique Room: 3,279 Tris|2048×4096, 1024×2048, and a 1024×1024 Map
Barrel: 112 Tris|1024×1024 Map
Rubble: 123 Tris|512×256 Map
Chain: 198 Tris|256×256 Map
Skeleton: 418 Tris|256×512 Map
Spiderwebs: Tri Count Varies|512×512 Map
Torch: 168 Tris|256×256 Map
Treasure Chest: 232 Tris|1024×1024 Map

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